Monday, February 2, 2009

Lets learn from my mistakes

How many times have you spend hours to fix a bug (technical jargon) and you know that it is something small you have missed that's causing this to fail only to realise later that it was some small thing you missed. Well, now that you have the solution for the small error you made, can you remember it for a later time? say an year or maybe even few months. Its not always that you remember the solution you implemented the last time you faced such an issue. So here I am trying to help you learn from MY mistakes :)
I will keep adding more as and when I come across more issues
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    IE behaves differently from Firefox when I put a rowspan
    Appaerntly IE disregards 'rowspan' as it expects the 's' in rowspan to be in upper case.
    So something that would work on both IE and Firefox is 'rowSpan'
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    When I put html in blogger html editor, for some reason it puts huge amount of spaces/breaks in it
    Convert line breaks is set to 'Yes'
    Go to Settings >> Formatting and make sure 'Convert line breaks' is set to 'No'
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    When I try to use xml.query in SQL for an attribute i keep getting the error "XQuery [query()]: Attribute may not appear outside of an element"
    There are certain limitations with accessing XML data type in SQL and the errors thrown are not really helpful in identifying what is the real issue. There are different ways to access value from a node and attribute.
    Use data() instead. I looked up on google and Matija Lah's post helped me resolve this. To access attributes use
    Select .query('data(@PubDate)').value('.','datetime') as PublishDate

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